Our Fleet

Our extensive range of vehicles enables us to provide you with a replacement, no matter the specifications. We know that the success is in the detail, so all of our vehicles are available with automatic transmission and no kilometre restrictions.

Small to medium cars

If a small to medium car is what you’re looking for, we have a number of clean and well-maintained options from reliable and well-known manufacturers such as Hyundai and Toyota.

Medium to large cars

For those who need to get back on track with something a little larger, we maintain a range of medium to large replacement vehicles so you don’t have to compromise on space while your car is undergoing repairs. You bought your car because you needed safety, size, and comfort; there’s no need to compromise after an accident.


SUVs are increasingly popular, and for good reason. We have a vast range of like-for-like SUV replacements from 5 - 7 seaters. We understand that once you get used to an SUV, anything else feels like travelling in a phone box.

Prestige Cars

Sadly, even high-end cars get damaged. While yours is being restored to its former beauty we have a range for you to choose from that includes models from Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.


Loss of income after an accident is a nightmare. Our assortment of utes and vans of all sizes and specifications means that you don’t need to lose a dollar due to a damaged work vehicle.